Hi. This is Requiem for a Dream “difficult version” for piano. I made the same version played by Alex: www.youtube.com =============== DOWNLOAD =============== LAST UPDATE (Sheet Music & MIDI): 20/02/2009 I will update sheet music and MIDI file if I notice mistake(s). 1. Sheet music and MIDI file for “difficult version”: music.karashome.boo.pl Made by ear so possible that I made couple of mistakes. Please message me if you find any. Here is a small tip to play begining with two hands (fingering): karashome.boo.pl karashome.boo.pl 2. Sheet music and MIDI file for easier version (Dustin Nägel): music.karashome.boo.pl To play MIDI files I recommend you very helpful software – “Synthesia” www.synthesiagame.com That software allow you to see which keys are pressed while playing (you can choose highlight color), slow down tempo, etc. 3. Updated, high resolution video recorded in “Synthesia”: www.mediafire.com Hope you like it! PS. Sorry for my language-mistakes. I can’t speak English perfectly :)

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