I’ve written down the sheet music free for you to use! Please share with your friends, hit like and/or subscribe :) Download link: www.mediafire.com Chords: Intro: C – D – Em – D – C – D – Em 2x Chorus: C – G – D – Em – C – G – D 2x Instrumental: Em – C – D – Bm – Em – C – D Verse: Em – C – D – Bm – Em – C – D 2x Cover of Let Her Go by Passenger. I’m sorry, no sheet music. I did this one by ear.

21 thoughts on “Passenger – Let Her Go – SHEET MUSIC & CHORDS! – HD Piano Cover

  1. Thumbs up, really ! I just LOVE it, you’re awesome ! I subscribe to your channel ! I hope you’ll continue to do music ! ­čśÇ
    If you have time, check out my channel where I do covers with my piano and my voice ­čśŤ Thank you so much ! YOU ROCK´╗┐ !

  2. I listened to you. You kept the sweetness of´╗┐ the song. i loved it the way you played it. I think you are a delicate piano player. never give it up and thank you so much, Hennymugge.

  3. Very Nice, i Used your sample for a Dutch rap. Search on this name:

    IJskoudMusic Ft. Rod – Laat haar gaan (Passenger – Let her go´╗┐ Cover)

    so if you guys are interested in my version, please check it and drop a comment ­čśÇ

  4. Ik weet niet of het te veel moeite is, maar zou je van beide handen de noten kunnen uitschrijven? Zou dit stuk heel graag met beide handen willen spelen. Hele mooie´╗┐ cover! Luister er al dagen naar :)

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