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25 thoughts on “How To Play “It Will Rain” Piano Tutorial / Sheet Music (Bruno Mars)

  1. The way you put the chords on screen really helps to understand the structure of the piece. That’s what I find hardest to get. Normally I screenshot the chords bit for when I’m practicing.

  2. I haven’t had formal lessons yet, but I was very eager to play so thanks for these videos. I was wondering how you made it sound all fancy, like during the bridge for example.

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  4. Hello everyone,
    Let me introduce myself. I’m a 19 year old dutch piano player and I just started a few months ago on youtube. I really like what I do and get inspiration from all kinds of music but it’s hard to get an audience to play for. That’s why I’m asking if you may take a look at my piano cover of this song. I really took an effort to keep the spirit of this song in my arrangement. Hope you like it and if you do,give this a thumbs up so people can see :)

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