This version has the right chords ‘n’ stuff! Request (for specific versions or piano versions of other songs) and feedback are appreciated! Awesome Original: Sheet Music (instruments other than piano are in the bottom): Midi (use in any way, but please give credit) For those curios, here’s the old (inaccurate version): Requested versions (if you need one let me know!): Flute: Bb Clarinet version: Bb Trumpet version: Eb Alto Sax version: Guitar tab [Melody only] Trombone: Cello (Alto Clef) Upright Bass (Note: Raised a whole step for playability- Trombone part doubles as original key signature Bass)

23 thoughts on “Gypsy Bard (on Piano) W/ Sheet Music

  1. I’ve sent you a message with the link to a Bb clarinet version. I’ll also be adding all instrument specific versions to the video description.

  2. Odd request, but would you be willing to submit a video tutorial of how to play this on the piano? Despite years of trying, I’ve never successfully been able to read sheet music and implement it quick enough for most songs, but I learn excellently via visualization and memorization.

  3. Heya, I was able to use your sheet music to transpose this song over to guitar from piano. I couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you ^^

  4. And the type of person that makes me proud to be a brony.

    I’m reasonably sure that there’s no community out there with as many amazing artists and hard workers as us. So…thanks for letting me be a brony, everypony ^w^

  5. I don’t know how to make a video tutorial… This video: /watch?v=PuWjLs5QmBI&feature=watch_response shows the keys I’m pressing and might help. I’m sorry.

  6. All I mean by a piano tutorial is slowing it down a bit and showing one hand at a time. Although, I might be able to pick it up from this video and the one you linked, so thank you! You’re so awesome!

  7. Nah, it’s not weird, it’s awesome! I added a Upright Bass version to the video description that’s raised a whole step because the song would have tons of too low E flats. If you’d like to have a part that’s actually playable in the original key signature, the Trombone version I put up works well!

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